Fruit Caramels Collections

Our fruit caramels are made with real organic fruit grown in California, cooked into our premium organic house-made caramels.Each version highlights one mouth-tantalizing flavor of pure ripe fruit, some versions with roasted fruit to bring out even more flavor, combined with the universally loved taste of rich caramel, resulting in taste sensations our customers rave about.


Fruit Caramels Collection Large                                                                  $20.00


Box Of Assorted Caramels: 3 Roasted Strawberry, 3 Roasted Nectarine, 3 Chocolate Raspberry



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Fruit Caramels Collection Small                                                                  $8.00


Box Of Assorted Caramels: 2 Roasted Strawberry, 1 Roasted Nectarine, 1 Chocolate Raspberry



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Chocolate Covered Roasted Strawberry Caramels: Ripe strawberries are roasted to concentrate their flavor. We puree the results and add that to a batch of our caramel as it’s cooking. Then we enrobe the cut caramels in couverture dark chocolate and put a tiny piece of freeze-dried strawberry on top.


Chocolate Covered Roasted Nectarine Caramels: We roast, puree and add the results to a cooking batch of caramel in the same way as we do the strawberry version. Then we enrobe the cut caramels in premium couverture dark chocolate and put a tiny slice of organic dried white nectarine on top.


Chocolate Covered Chocolate Raspberry Caramels: Chocolate caramels with real organic freeze-dried raspberries cooked in. Then we cover the caramels in dark couverture chocolate. A tiny pinch of beautifully red powdered freeze-dried raspberries is on top.